Is A Platform Developed By I WATCH In Collaboration With NRGI.

The purpose of this platform is to make available to the public various legal, administrative and media resources related to the natural resources and energy sector in Tunisia. The various documents are classified by company, press article or research and permit. A dynamic map makes it possible to locate the different sites of extraction on the Tunisian territory and an updated dashboard shows the most important figures related to energy in Tunisia. Access to the platform is easy and free on computer, tablet and smartphone.


I WATCH is a Tunisian watchdog organization created after the Tunisian revolution. I WATCH is the Chapter in Formation of Transparency International in Tunisia since January 2017.

I WATCH works mainly on two axes: transparency and corruption. As for transparency, I WATCH makes sure that all political events are transparent including pre and post election monitoring. I WATCH also seeks to facilitate access to information. Believing that corruption is one of the reasons that triggered the revolution, I WATCH fights corruption all over the country. I WATCH also works on the democratization of the police and guaranteeing a smooth political transition in the post-revolution period. I WATCH also worked on voter education and observing the last elections.

For More Information On I WATCH :


NRGI is a non-profit public policy institute.

The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) helps people to realize the benefits of their countries’ endowments of oil, gas and minerals. NRGI does this through technical advice, advocacy, applied research, policy analysis, and capacity development. The Institute works with innovative agents of change within government ministries, civil society, the media, legislatures, the private sector, and international institutions to promote accountable and effective governance in the extractive industries.

For More Information On NRGI : Natural Resource Governance Institute



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